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Last updated 9:13 AM on 29 August 2017

Parent-teacher interviews can sometimes be a little daunting but these opportunities to touch base with your child's teachers are really important and shouldn't be missed. The idea behind regular interviews is for parents and teachers to work as a team. Parent involvement in education is a powerful force, and our parent-teacher interviews, to be held on Thursday 21 September, ensures that every parent has the opportunity to be involved.

Of course, parent-teacher interviews make a lot of parents nervous. Even if you're pretty sure that your child is having a good year, it may seem that he – and therefore you – are on trial. And if you know that your child is having problems, you might well dread the idea of talking face-to-face with a teacher who may be holding you responsible.

There's a good chance that the teacher is a bit nervous, too. After all, teachers also feel responsible for any problems a child may be having. So you may take some comfort in knowing that, in a sense, you and the teacher are in the same boat.

Students will be given a Parent Info and Appointment form to complete with their relevant teachers.  When all appointments have been made, the students will then give the appointment sheet to their parents which indicates the staff name and time slot allocated.